Don’t Give Up

I had one of those joy robbing days yesterday. I took on some negative garb the enemy passed my way by means of a co- worker. I know better than that but my flesh is still humanly attached. After feeling miserable the rest of the day, I realized Satan had steered me just where I didn’t want to go.

Does this ever happen to you?


Why do we fall into these traps?

No matter how someone else behaves I can be sweet. Right?

Besides, nobody likes jerky people.


Just today, a friend told me she had to describe me to someone and she said that I’m always smiling. I hugged her.


I try to have a positive attitude. Obviously somebody notices….that gives me power!


People who make it their job to be rotten could learn a thing or two from happy people. Wouldn’t you agree?


Yes, I am and so are you!!

Go forward and spread your love and joy. Do not give up!

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