I have no idea what makes me do some of the kooky stuff I do.  Please tell me that when your husband is out of town–you are a bit apprehensive about safety too.  It's not that I'm walking around a nervous wreck.  I just set myself up with my wild imagination.  Cause everybody knows bedtime is when the crazies come out.


I've come up with a list of DON'T DO's while your husband is out of town.  Oh and don't act like you've never done any of these.  


1)  Don't watch real life murder mystery cases (ALL DAY LONG).  Eventually, you'll have to go to bed and everything gets uber scary once the lights go out!

2)  Don't decide to move heavy furniture/mattresses by yourself.  It looks easy but trust me, you will strain a muscle and end up limping around.

3)  Don't go to bed with the doors unlocked (even if someone's still not home).  When you wake up the next morning and see it, you WILL freak out!

4)  Don't ignore stinky smells coming from your living room.  When you move heavy furniture you just might find that your daughter's boyfriend's puppy left a poopoo present…weeks ago!

5)  Don't let your BIG son leave for the night after you've watched scary murder mystery shows all day.  There's great comfort in knowing a man cub is down the hall.  Only he's not, if he spends the night away.  So, you get scared!

I know what you're thinking…..that all I do is worry about getting murdered.  So, I'll just put your mind at ease.  I only think that when I know my hubby is so far away that he can't save me.  I love how safe I feel when my dude is home.  I don't worry about bad guys intruding or jobs that take big muscles.  I know he's there and can take care of business.

True love = safety.

It's worth being said….husband's take care of their families in a multitude of ways.  In my case, my hubby will do many of the things I despise.  He kills bugs, chases away snakes, cleans up puke/poop,  moves stuff around and sometimes even locks up doors.  One of my favorite blessings?  He drives at night…..

Without him, I'm just a scaredy-cat!

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