Let’s Make Fun Cause We’re So Smart

Surely you've heard about the "funny" little spoof (video) Ashley Judd & friends have circulating for the world to see.  Oh, it's funny!  I mean, abortion is always hilarious…right?  Or shall I say, poking fun about it is anyway.  You may watch it and think the focus is strictly directed at Rick Santorum.  But it isn't.  What these star power gals (WHO are the other actresses again?) are trying to say is that anyone with CONSERVATIVE VALUES and who believe abortion is actually murder are idiots!

How pathetic!  I don't find the video funny nor do I find any of them intelligent.  Oh, it was creative in a mocking, slapyourmama kind of way.  But the best way I can think to describe it is  P O O R   T A S T E !!

I'm not a Rick Santorum supporter, so don't get the idea that I'm complaining because I'm all offended for my ex-candidate.  He's a man of integrity (as far as I'm concerned) but he wasn't my choice for a Presidential candidate!  The guy is getting picked on for his conservative beliefs.  Always classy, huh?  Make fun of the religious weirdos!

I find the whole idea (video) insulting.

I also don't want you to get the wrong idea about WHO INFLUENCES me.  I'm not looking to HOLLYWOOD STARS for my decisions or ideals.  I like to keep my eyes focused in the direction of Christ and His word.  So far, it's never steered me in a direction that hurt or embarrassed me….ever!  Matter of fact, it has been the place I find the most comfort in a world gone mad.  The Ashley Judd's of this life are going to have to do much more than put out a spoof of garbage to change my heart.

So, my message to Ashley and her friends is this–you are an embarrassment to me as a woman/mother/American.  Your opinion is just that, yours.  If you want to poke fun of those who value life and stand strong for it…that's your right.  However, it will never make it right in my eyes or many other's who believe like I do.  God doesn't make mistakes, people do.

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