Ok, I’m Counting





School is winding down here in the Hoosier state and I couldn't be more happy!  Before we can wrap the schoolyear up–we have some very important celebrations to conquer.  Prom & Senior Trip!

I'm working both.  But don't feel sorry for me, I love this time of year and both of these fun events.  The only problem, I don't have a cute dress yet for Prom night (NEXT WEEKEND)!!  I usually have something by now.  Don't ask, I've looked and nothing has felt right.

Patience, grasshopper!

I'm also happy to say that my husband is back home after a long week of working up north.  So, if you're a murderer and had plans of visiting my house….exnay on the urdermay!  We are loved and protected once again by the big dude we call DAD!     B E W A R E !!

One more reason to be happy?


Tonight is a special night for my baby, Gates too!  She's going to be inducted into the Thespian Society (drama club) at school.  It is quite an honor and she is very deserving of the invitation.  Yay, Gates!

So, I hope your day is full of love and funny people.  It's the best way to spend a Thursday….don't you think?


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