Online Conference

I'm pumped!  It's not only Friday (my fave day) but this is the day of the (in)courage gal's (in)RL conference!  I love this blog and the ladies who write there everyday.  I signed up a few weeks ago to join up online with them as they bring their reader's closer through this techy connection!

Don't you love the internet?  And all it can do?  WOW!

The sessions are at random times throughout today and tomorrow.  Some have even gone so far as to connect IN REAL LIFE at strategic locations.  Since I'm working, I can't really join up with anyone near me (which closest is like, Louisville).  No matter, I'm still able to link up when I get time throughout the day and watch at my leisure.  After midnight tonight, I can watch any of the sessions that I've missed today.

Love this!  Thanks to all the precious ladies for putting this cool resource together.  What a great team they are!


I hope you have a great weekend!  Love on those God puts IN your REAL LIFE!


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