Just Mossing Around

My hubby has been sprucing our yard up a bit. No easy task when you live under the tallest trees ever. Flowers are just a pipe dream for people like me. If it cannot survive in the constant shade, it ain't living here. But it's nice and breezy!


This is the pond emptied and gross during the clean-out!


Blowing away the fall leaves and fallen limbs.


This is my new flower bed that he built for me.  He planted some beautiful Clematis bulbs along with some other shade/sun loving plants.  The new pup thought it was her new DIGGING PLAYGROUND and then the fancy chicken wire had to be put around it.  FANCY, HUH?

Yesterday, he climbed up on our roof and cleaned out our ancient gutters. While up there he scraped off some very useful moss and relocated it to my front walkway. Thank you Honey, it's really pretty!  Plus, he took it a step further and made a moss growing concoction with Buttermilk and painted the rocks around my pond.  Yay, more moss!


After some rain, everything turned even greener and made itself at home forever where it was planted.  I like that!  It's almost like I can have a pretty shady yard.


The pond is cleaned and a new family of fish have been moved in ….hubby believes the frogs have returned (I accidentally scooped out all the baby larvae) to lounge around our little oasis.  Life is booming around my palace.


It doesn't take much to make me happy (no comment, hubby) when it comes to yardwork.  I love just about any improvement that takes place.  I know that a beautiful yard takes work much like a strong relationship does with Christ.  I've been lazy in both.  I miss opportunities to lounge in His presence just like I miss mowing because I go do something more fun—only to have rain when I'm home and available.  The yard ends up showing it's neglect just as my heart and attitude.

I need the Master Gardener in my life and I don't want to miss a chance for pruning even when it's painful.  I can tell when the weeds and vines are out of hand (of my heart) when tensions rise and frustrations are plenty.  I appreciate how God so gently loves on me and calls me to Him.

Like a beautiful yard….I want to be pleasing to my Lord when He looks at me — I pray my life is a reflection of Him and His love inside me.    


Thank you for the picture of your love for me through the beauty of my surroundings.  I'm nothing without you but a bucket of weeds and dried up rocks.  Help me to tend to the garden of my heart and make me grow to be more like you!



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