I’m Not Joking

What happened to me?  I used to be funny!  It didn't take much thought for something witty or intelligent to come out of my mouth.  These days, I'm boring and dumbstruck the majority of the time.  It's as if I've undergone a fun-endectomy.  All my brainy humor is gone.

I'm dry.

But in my defense……

I am mothering teenagers and young adults.  Everybody knows parents are idiots at this stage of their lives.  I remember thinking the same thoughts.  Wow, what a moronic way of thinking.  Glad I made it through those years.  I certainly deserved a shaking!

I'm not picking on my kids, really.  I've just come to realize (sort of slowly) that this may be the hardest stage of my parenting so far.  All the worrying, fretting and praying for their safety doesn't hold a candle to the many LIFE DECISIONS they are now making.  This is a crucial time for each of them.  Big ideas and flippant choices can make or break them.

How's a mama to deal?

I heard myself saying—(yes, I listen to me every once in a while).  When can I stop worrying?  Will they make it?  How much longer will every step they make affect me?

I'll answer.  Forever.

I'm their mom — for goodness sake.  I'll always care about what's going on in their life.  It will matter to me forever that they are making wise choices and self-supportive.  That's just how God wires us (ladies).

In the meantime, I need to find my sense of humor again.  I need to learn to loosen up and let go.  Life is meant to be lived abundantly….Jesus said so himself.  [Thank you Jesus]



SMILE, FRIENDS!!  The week is half-way over.

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