Live….From Chicago

I'm stopping in to say "Hello" while on the high school senior trip. ; In a world full of technology, the world is at your fingertips….or in a donut cafe next door to the Bugs Bunny & Co. souvenir store! ; Whichever suits your fancy. ; The only problem is the keyboard I'm typing on doesn't like to space. ; It requires double the clicking to have words that are seperated.

No problem! ; I'm typing extra hard!!

I started out my morning riding The Batman coaster! ; I couldn't have been inside SIx Flags for more than 10 minutes when I succomed to peer pressure and found myself in a very short line, handing over my purse to a teen ride worker and buckling up for a wild bit of twisting & flipping speed. ; Ahh, exhilerating! ; ; I'm too old, y'all! ; Seriously, I'm not too far away from being the granny who sits with the stroller. ; Just call me, Gladys. ; I don't mind.

The trip has been so much fun. ; I love the staff members that I'm here with and I have enjoyed their company. ; Life is good when the people around you are likeminded and know how to have fun. ; Oh, who am I kidding? LIFE IS GOOD! ; ; Any day that God gives me… good!

I miss my family. ; But I know they are plucking right along doing their thing. ; They like having a break from me (it's cool) and I'm happy to get away too. ; It makes me appreciate them and vice-versa (right, family?). ; ; I think everyone needs to escape every once in a while, right?

I love Chicago! ; It is one of the greatest cities. ; I could spend the whole trip downtown! ; ; The shopping is off the charts but the having to carry what you buy….not so awesome! ; I tend to find the biggest & heaviest items when I shop! ; So, I've disciplined myself and NOT BOUGHT ANYTHING!!

It's time to get back on my wandering through the park tour. ; I'm in search of some good shows. ; Somehow I make it to the ones that are either closed for today or don't start for 2 hours. ; Hrmph!

Hope your weekend rocks! ; And may all your mother's day wishes come true! ; ; TaTa!


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