Cold Case Yard Crasher

I returned home from Chicago to a heap of special surprises. Since it was so late (around 11:30pm) when we pulled into the driveaway, it was difficult for me to see all the fruit of my hubby & son's labor. They navigated me around the yard anyway and I was so excited….I didn't even try to hide my squeals (sorry neighbors)!

I've been bummed since last summer when my swing broke. When I say broke, I mean crunched to pieces broke and crashed to the ground LIKE GARBAGE!! It wasn't an expensive swing and it was little too. I'd been dragging it around for years and had only gotten it out of storage a couple years ago. It was a friend to me. I liked sitting out under my kids playhouse and swinging away on its scrawny little scratchy seat.

My excited family led me out to the playhouse (which was lit up with the sweetest lights–I LOVE LIGHTS) and there hung the biggest, fanciest, comfiest swing ever! A NICE SWING!! Not a cheapo flimsy one like before. I felt like a QUEEN! I love it! I can't wait to swing my summer away! It's been raining since I arrived back in town or else I'd have been enjoying it all day today.


Remember my story about the prom day fiasco? Hubby taking off and missing all the chaos? Yea, he was out buying garden blocks for my new flower bed. The one I've been waiting on for the last 10 years of living in this house. All I can say….is it was a gift worth the wait! It's just what I pictured everytime I walked up to my front door but didn't have. I can't believe how it changed my front yard. Wow! I am H A P P Y !!


I mentioned a few weeks ago that all I wanted for mother's day was the two broken windows on our house repaired. Nothing says white trash rednecks like a bunch of home maintenance jobs that are left undone, indefinitely or a washer on the front porch (I don't do any of the sort, I hide all extra junk in my garage). Everytime I walked up to my kitchen window…I wanted to cry. Same with my garage window. Both were so depressing! Not anymore! I have nice clear glass in my windows again.

See why I have to do my part and paint this summer?

Those weren't the only ME ME ME surprises going on. My girls had been putting together their own love gifts. They had journeyed off to the grocery store and bought ingredients for an amazing supper. Which is just what it was, amazing! I couldn't have cooked a better meal myself! Good job, Sister & Gator! The whole family pigged out.

I've mentioned here about my love language being ACTS OF SERVICE and this has to be one of the very best mother's day weekends of my life. I was off partying it up in a great city with 95 other fun friends only to come home to pure Eutopia! Home and family smearing blessings all over me. I felt loved, really loved.  And still do.

But there's one problem.

Remember this—–>

Yea, looks cool right? Well, I came home last week only to find a horrible attack had taken place. "Someone" had ransacked the whole walkway and flipped every piece of moss over. Leaving a trashed wrecked mess of the walkway. It stopped me in my tracks. I mean, look at it.  You have to jump spot to spot to get to your destination.  WHAT HAPPENED?


I was stunned and almost sure it was the works of this sweet little darlin!

Could it be?  Nope, she was inside locked safely in her kennel.  Hmmm!

Fast forward to this weekend. Hubby had patched it all back up and I even went out this morning in the rain to smash a few stray spots back down. Within a few hours THE CULPRIT had once again launched an all-out moss flipping attack! The place was trashed, again!

The case is cold as of now.  I believe I heard the words surveillance camera under hubby's breath when I told him the news.  He won't stop until he solves the crime!  No critter is going to trash my place and 'git away' with it.  Whoever it is….your days are numbered!

Speaking of numbered….

6 more days on the COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER!!


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