Getting Geared Up

I am so pumped that school is almost out!  This past weekend I had hubby pull out my sewing machine (yes, I said that like I'm some sort of wicked sweet seamstress).  I actually had a little something in mind right then when he brought it out but time was against me.

Pillows.  If you were wondering.

So, I'm keeping it in close proximity so that I can totally get my craft on ALL SUMMER!  The only problem?  Threading the thing!  I hate that part and I'm sure my hubby will loooooove 13 phone calls a day from me begging for help with that evil mundane task.

Dang, guess I'll have to learn.  Lame!

Just this morning, I stumbled upon the cutest flower necklaces.  I added that to my growing list of STUFF TO MAKE.  Also, Lisa at The Preacher's Wife has posted today her latest creations…key chains.  Ding, ding…more to my list.  Hers look precious by the way.  I think I've mentioned the cute aprons I'm dreaming of whipping up and yesterday I found the cutest nightgowns over on Everyday Chaos.  I'm going to kill myself trying to be this crafty.

I will post any success.  I promise!

Don't be alarmed if everything I put up is HOT GLUE GUN happy.  While I'm not the greatest seamstress, the glue gun and I are real good buddies.  Don't judge…but I've even been known to hem a pair of pants with it (I was in a pinch). I'm not going to let my fear of the sewing machine keep me from creating some magic.

Just you wait and see…

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