Summer Satisfaction Guarantee


See what my first morning of summer looks like. Just what the doctor ordered. Quiet time, hot green tea, 2 sweet doggies & my beautiful swing. All for me!

I can’t brag on all the wonderful without sharing some real life stuff too. The sickness of the year of our Lord Jesus 2012 that is trying to do me in is still lingering with a vengeance. I went to bed feeling death approaching and woke up just the same. This stuff is killer!! CONGESTION, EARS, THROAT and now SINUS misery. Have I mentioned how awful medicine head feels too?

Shoot me!

I thought I could get away with not using my alarm this morning since my kids all have a full summer of real jobs. Each have been waking up and jetting off by their own alarm system. Who needs Mama?

That’s what I thought until I heard my garage opening this morning and the person leaving was the kid who works down the street and the other kid who works 40 minutes away was still snoring!! Rutro!!

She flew out of bed (7:38 am) and jumped into a dress….she didn’t even brush her hair and raced out the door. Somehow, her phone didn’t go off and now her 8am work time was impossible to make. She left super stressed!!

Poor kid!

I sure know that feeling. It’s overwhelming, sort of like the way I felt when I gathered the worlds largest pile of laundry this morning. Since my washer is only working part-time, I thought I’d cry looking at all of it! By the way, why in the world are appliances so expensive to replace? The lowest price for a large capacity washer in all my searching has been $750! Whaaaaa?

Whoobie whatie?

I really have no right to complain. I do 2 loads of laundry just about every single day of the week. Large loads. The washer I’m using is a hand-me-down that I’ve had all of my marriage. Or at least since before my girls were born. It was used then but seemed to have plenty of life left.

Boy, did it!

So as summer begins…I hereby declare that a new washer will be my vacation/grocery/eating out/any fun at all budget sucker.

Guess this little spot of paradise better be my source of satisfaction, huh?


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