Crazy in Chicago

It's strange to me what people are doing in the name of freedom in the USA!!  I can't see value in rioting in the streets and endangering innocent people and or police just to make your point.  It should be illegal!  Just turn on the tv and look at what's going on in Chicago.  How is that behavior justified as right?

Violent, angry protesters are dangerous…not helpful!  I'm certainly thankful that I don't live and work there.  Who can go about normal business with this kind of crazy going on?  Those trying to make a stance are putting so many in danger and it's as if they don't even care.

Funny how that works, huh?  They protest to be heard regarding what they feel is unfair or right only to put people in danger.

I'm not secretive about my political direction.  However,  I'm not going to riot in the streets and act like a crazy psycho when the President comes to do business.  What help is that?  I'm sickened when I see the absurd behaviors of Americans.  Who decides this is helpful?  It does nothing but make America just like every other place in the world.

Hostile, dangerous and unable to handle our differences without putting everyone around us in harms way.

Please pray for our country.  It's quickly slipping into a land of upset and uncertainty.  That's not the land of the free….if you ask me.


Lord Jesus

It makes no sense.  Our country is at war within itself.  I pray for your hand of protection over those who live in the cities where protesters are behaving badly.  Our world seems to be out of control.  We need you — please reign over us with your love and mercy.


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