The Last Friday

People who work in education live for days like today.  In my world, we say things like, "It's OUR LAST FRIDAY of the year!" and "No more school after Monday!".  Usually both are followed with a big YAHOO!  Because you know…we love our jobs and all.  Oh who am I kidding?  WE LOVE OUR SUMMERS OFF too!

Before I could head out the door for school this morning, I received a text from my school bestie who gets there way before me.  She said they were paging me to call main office.  So, I quick dialed the secretary to find out what they needed with me sooooo early.  She answered and told me that the elementary school called and my dog is there greeting students.  I cracked up!  Actually, I yelled…"WHAT?".

The funniest part of the whole conversation was when she said they told her the dog was being mean.  That's when I said, "Are you sure they have MY DOG?".  Haha.  That poor girl doesn't have a mean bone in her.  She's a lover and she may love someone to death but she wouldn't dare get aggressive.  I'm not making this up.  The dog is a baby!  A sweet spirited one at that.

Just look at that face…those eyes!  No meanness!

I called the elementary school and they are just laughing away.  It is my dog and she followed all her neighborhood kid friends to school.  It's time for the bell and she can't stay UNLESS as Mr. Hearne puts it–she can pass the ISTEP and if that's the case she's more than welcome to join them.  I love living so close to the school.  This has only happened a million times over the last 10 years.

Gates reminded me on the way to school of all the times while they were growing up — being called to the office and asked, "Is this your dog?".  Our other lab, Maggie, who loved every person she ever met used to do the same thing.  She would follow everyone to school in the morning and one day she even jumped on a school bus.  I'd have to go get her and bring her back home.

I miss her!


As far as I know…this is Gracie's first trip to school.  She's been on lockdown for her young life so she hadn't discovered the joys of all her bud's walking to school in the morning.

Luckily for me…..there's only ONE MORE DAY OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!  Yahoo!



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