Chipmunk Cheeks

I'm playing nurse to this guy.  Pay no attention to the wild look in his eyes.  It's just what happens to a dude who opts to do oral surgery with Nitrous gas as his companion.  Did you know that having your wisdom teeth removed costs a whopping $3200 these days?

This facial expression makes perfect sense now, huh?


It didn't take long for the laughing gas to wear off.  As in, just a few minutes actually.  The pain began kicking in within the next hour and a half.  Luckily for me, I don't have a big whiner for a son.  He handled it like a champ!  I, on the other hand….felt miserable!  I couldn't help but feel that mother compassion thing.  I hate to see my kids suffer.


He hit the bed (sitting upright, of course) after eating a bit of creamy mashed potato's and a chocolate milkshake with a side of pain pills.  I've checked on him about 20 times and he's sleeping sound as a rock.  I'm really hoping for a good day for  Anyone who's had this little surgery knows the days following are the wingdingers!  The pain, the dry sockets and all that swelling….


The funniest part of this whole surgery?  He's in a wedding next weekend in Mississippi.  He told the doctor he couldn't be messed up for the big event.  He and his staff laughed….then added that he'd be back to normal in no time.  Like 3 days!


No way.  It took me all week to recover!  Curses to chipmunk cheeks!  

Happy Hump Day, friends!  Hug your kids….they grow up so fast!

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