Don’t Brake It

It's breezy here this morning…so my faithful dog girls and I are outside enjoying it. One more cool snap is on its way and I'm happy for it. We've had to use a/c all weekend and I found myself feeling all snoot-ee pa-tooty about it.

Call me a heat snob…I suppose!

Yesterday was an adventure!  I needed a few items from the store and since my youngest drives my car to school (she's taking summer Geometry)  I had to wait for her to come home. I was in a hurry because I needed to put the chicken in the crockpot for tacos but I was missing a key ingredient to do it–hence he store run.

Out to the car we run when Geometry girl says, "Oh your car is running funny!".  I crank up and put it in gear…..and push the gas only it drags along as if a body is trapped underneath.  I stop and jump out to make sure nothing is under there (seriously it sounded that awful).  I see nothing there and it looks totally normal. Tried once more.  Still more grinding.  I check the 4wd…turn it on and off.  I backed up…and pulled forward. Nothing stopped it.

So I did what all chicks do and called my hubby.  He asked all the 4wd questions and I told him I had tried all that. He said I'll be right there.  Whew…in case you didn't know-I live in a world that is positively convinced DAD (aka my hubby) can take care of everything.  I use this time to slap on some makeup because now I feel like it was a sign to pretty up before "running" to the store.

I notice hubby fooling with the car and came outside to see what's the what…he hops in and says I'll drive it you just take mine.  I ask what was wrong with mine….and he smiled and said—the EMERGENCY BRAKE was on!

HUH? WHAT? Who uses that thing?

Did I mention my girl drove to and from school that morning? Yeah with the brake pressed down. Who knew my son had set the brake on Sunday when he drove it last?  Not us-that's who!!

I like how my hubby handled it with our boy.  He said,  "ALWAYS LEAVE ANY & ALL VEHICLES READY TO GO FOR THE WOMEN IN THIS FAMILY!"

I couldn't agree more.  Thanks, SUPERDAD! 

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