Let’s Build It Ourselves

I'm so excited about all that's happening around my house. Right this moment it's quiet and lazy….but over the weekend, work work work! My son told me that this is the summer his dad is trying to end it all. As in, kick off & hand over his life insurance. Every single weekend he has a hot & tiring project to work on that nearly does him in. I think he's making up for all the time he lazed around and ignored stuff.

He's buzzing with ideas and I love it!  I just have to remind him to "pace yourself" or else!

The big project that was pressing this weekend, the hot tub lid. We've been trying to find a replacement for the last year. Everywhere we've looked it was either crazy expensive or too complicated to get in our area. After calling the original spa seller in the next town over and finding out it would be at minimum $500 to replace–we decided to MAKE OUR OWN, dangit!

I'm not ashamed to admit….I was skeptical! I know how the ADHD brain works and I also know how exciting it is to start a project that fizzles out and ends up a costly mess in your yard & garage. My biggest fear was that this was totally going to look like a white trash version of a hillbilly (no offense, hillbilly friends) spa lid and that it wouldn't last. After exhausting all other avenues and cringing at the $500….I said, "Let's do this!".

It doesn't hurt to have the world's greatest workers around. Ally has been working full-time hours at the bank and jumping in on whatever project her dad is buried under when she comes home. He loves working with her and she loves helping her dad too. They think a lot alike and end up having a great time (remember the Father's Day plumbing problem?).

I'm impressed! I'm also grateful that while it wasn't cheap to create our own lid it was much more affordable. It looks great! Thanks Honey & Ally!


This is the end result minus the final covering for weatherproofing.  Looks great, huh?



On Sunday, because building a new hot tub lid until midnight on Saturday night wasn't enough manual labor….hubby decided to get busy building a new stairway up to our backyard with some new blocks we purchased from a neighbor. Like, 273 of them!  After catching the fever to keep the yard beautification process going….he came up with another plan to update what was torn up several years ago by ANOTHER plumbing problem. The one in which we had to replace our entire downstairs of our house problem.


This job will take a bit more time than an afternoon.  Even with several helpers.  Sit tight though, I'll be posting finished product photo's as soon as the gig is up!  I  can't wait!  


Stay tuned.


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