What I Love about Gracie

I have to be honest. I didn't really want to get another dog. After our beloved black lab Maggie died, I was content just loving on our old poodle Miss Lizzy. The thoughts of starting all over with a new puppy made me feel awful dread. Who has time to potty train (house break) a new dog? Certainly not me. I'm busy, remember? But way back in February, my son brought home this gangly odd looking lab mix from the pound and she's been the star of our family ever since.

I can't even look at her without smiling. She has such a great personality. She oozes with sweetness. I know it sounds crazy, but dogs really do have a persona. Gracie's is very similar to Gavin. He's attractive and he pulls you in when he's around. He makes you smile and thinks up the funniest ideas. Gracie is always moving from one thing to the next. Exploring. Seeking.  Much like Gavin.


This morning as I was getting ready for work, my girls commented on the dogs waiting for me outside the bathroom door.  They do this.  They both follow me from room to room and wait (sometimes not so patiently) for me to finish up whatever I'm doing and then follow me to the next stop.

Sweet loyalty, I tell ya!

As soon as the bathroom door opened, Gracie ran in and went straight for my leg.  You see, she's a licker.  She loves to taste just about everything she comes in contact with.  She's learned that the bathroom usually equals — lotion.  The girls in our family lotion up their legs and Gracie loves the flavor of lotion better than just about anything.  Sometimes, I put some on her own front legs just so she'll have something to lick on besides me.   wink

I've come up with some reasons why I love her.

1 — She's always happy.

2 — She runs everywhere.

3 — She plays hard & rests hard.

4 — She's inquisitive.

5 — She might be ADHD.

6 — She licks everything she loves.

7 — She loves my son.

8 — She saved him from a dark place.

9 — My neighbors accept her wild invasions.  (I told you she was sweet)

10 — She reminds me to find the good in others.

11 — She belongs to us and she knows it.

See, I didn't realize at the time just how important adopting another dog was to my son.  He was struggling.  He felt hopeless and out of place no matter where he turned.  Bringing Gracie into his world gave him reason to get up and move it.  She filled his hours with love and playfulness.  He needed her and God knew it.  That's why when I clean up a trashed flowerbed or kick a half-chewed bone across the room with my toe (ouch!) I thank God for bringing such a rowdy happy girl dog into my life.

I've always heard "a dog is a man's best friend" and I genuinely believe it.  She's Gavin's best friend and she adores him.  While he's not in the same position he was months ago….he realizes her value and he too is very thankful that she came into his life.  I bet he could come up with an even longer list of why he loves Gracie.  I wonder….do you have a pet that you love?

Dogs rule, right?



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