Ode to a BMW


This car nightmare has gone on for over a month now.  After breaking down on the side of the road, far far from home….hauling it home with a trailer….calling all over Indiana and begging mechanic friends alike….then hauling it again to a shop in another town to a guy who said he could fix it–we're back at square one.

He can't do whatever it takes to repair the blown gasket (or whatever the horrible never to be repaired problem is).  His advice (along with many others) is to just replace the whole engine!  Which is all cool except that it's another couple thousand dollars to do that.

The repair job was quoted over $2000, so add on some more thousands!

I've stressed about it.  I've fretted about it.  I've caught rides after rides because of it.  I'm over my head with worry about it.  I seriously can't stand anymore conversations about this dang car.  It is causing me mental and physical pain!

Do chronic problems bother you like this?  Tell me, I'm not crazy!?

After hubby picked me up from school yesterday and told me the latest bad news about the car (he'd met with the mechanic and hashed over the latest issues).  I went outside and walked around with my dogs for a mental break.  Then out of nowhere….I felt the Holy Spirit telling me not to worry.  This would work out.

How?  I still don't know.  All I can say is that I'm trusting GOD to handle it.  

Lord Jesus,

I'm so good at wringing my hands with worry.  Thank you for that brush of reassurance to remind me…I don't have to!  Having reliable cars is important to you (like it is to me) and I know ONLY YOU CAN WORK THIS PROBLEM OUT!  Please work in a mighty way and bless this situation.  I'm handing it over to you.


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