31 Days Of A Positive Attitude (Day 3)



Did you know that having a positive attitude can help you live longer & healthier? It's true!  Some say that it's the benefit of having an optimistic outlook on life.  Psychologists have done studies that show college students who have a positive attitude or are optimistic are actually healthier at age 40 than those who do not.

Wow, really?  Who knew?

If you've ever walked through cancer or an illness with a friend or family member, you may have a taste of how that person's attitude contributed to their experience.  Having a positive attitude can make or break the effects of medications, treatments and overall outcome.  Doctors are quick to encourage patients and their families to have a positive outlook because they've seen firsthand what that does for their patients.  

I've heard story after story of very ill patients regaining full health because of a healthy positive attitudes.  So, my question to you is….why would you want to have anything but a positive attitude?  If having one means a healthier you, why not?  Oh but it's not always that easy, is it?

Life challenges, stress and grief are a few reasons I can think of off the top of my head to have a bummer attitude.  Let's face it, those are legit reasons to feel that way.  I'm pretty optimistic myself until something really stressful (hello, car problem?) happens and then my whole attitude is put to the test because of my tendancy to wig out.

So, what can we do when life gets stressful?

1 — Go to a happy place!  I'm not talking about taking off for the beach for vacay (unless of course, you can).  I'm simply directing you to a quiet, peaceful place (maybe at home or a favorite walking lane).  Get away by your self and just listen to nothing.  Finding a peaceful place to think and meditate for just a few minutes just might give you the new perspective your attitude needs.

2 — Do something FOR YOU!  I don't know how often you neglect yourself, but I'm pretty good at ignoring my own needs and focusing on my kids.  Therefore, I end up really bitter and frustrated when things don't quite go right.  Remember, doing something for yourself only helps you be a better you.  Now, this doesn't mean neglect all of your other responsibilities.  It just means, go-do something fun for you!

3 — Share your heart!  As women, we need other women.  Women have the ability to listen and sympathize.  They know how to meet your emotional needs.  Hubby's aren't equipped to JUST LISTEN.  Oh they will.  But then, they'll want to "solve" your problem.  A girlfriend, she's good at just listening and letting you vent it out.  She doesn't have to solve it.  Just sympathize!   Am I right?

Years ago, I was a young seminary wife with 3 small kids and a busy studying husband.  I loved being home with my kids and I loved taking care of my family….but, there were times I needed a break.  Sadly, a stay-at-home mom doesn't always get that.  I recognized my need for socialization was affecting my attitude.

God had an answer to my need.  He sent other mom's looking for some fellowship just like me.  Every couple of weeks, after we fed our families and put our kids to bed….we met for an evening of chick fun!  We had the best time together.  Sometimes we did a Bible study and other times we just shared dessert & coffee with a ton of talking.  God used that time in my life as a booster shot for my attitude.  I left there rejuvenated and ready to tackle my mama job with a happy heart.

My point?  Invest in yourself!  Do something to fill up your tank and watch your attitude brighten!

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