31 Days — Positive Attitude Day 8

I told you I’d be in the middle of nowhere TEXAS….and I did not fib. This little gem of a place is secluded from all that threatens to ail ya!


Look, someone had to come. It might as well have been me. Right?




The beauty here in Texas is magnified by the lovely family who saw fit to create a beautiful hunting preserve. They haven’t left any stone unturned. Those lucky enough to stay here in Sulphur Bluff, Texas will surely agree.

So my message to you today is slow down and get away. I know everyone can’t jump a plane to a far away land. But you can find a park or woods to sneak off to and walk alone for a few minutes.

I almost got a little jittery (attitude adjusted) when after an entire 3 hours I could not get Internet to work at this lovely cabin in the woods. So this encouraging post is coming to you courtesy of my handy dandy little iPhone.

You are welcome!


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