Birthdays & Growing Up

My youngest turned 18 on Friday. She’s still just a punk to me.

The whole baby growing up stuff has simply been on my “ignore” list. I know I know….bad idea. It’s days like today that rough me up and remind me, I’m old and so are my kids!


Little moments that I share with them give me hope that they’re going to be fun parents/spouses too.

Oh who puts fake moustaches on their dog? My family, that’s who. Remember…we also dressed one up like a jail prisoner.


Clearly, we have no shame.


I’m so excited that not only did Gates celebrate turning 18 at home with her family & favorite meal. She also is the new owner of this—–>


Wow!! Talk about a great birthday.


Girlfriend will finally have her own wheels. Which really means, I’ll have my own wheels. Isn’t that how it is for moms? We share our “stuff”?

She is really happy. Even though it’s an older model SUV, it’s in great condition and will do everything she needs it to do. GO GO GO!


What a big step for her. Now she can be free to get a job (out of town) and not have to stress out over how she will get there. Sharing cars is quite challenging ya know?

I’m so thankful for the way God blessed us (her) with the car. It belonged to a friend who upgraded to a VW bug and offered it to us at a great price.

B L E S S I N G !!

In 4 short weeks this surprise baby will be finishing up her high school life. I’m filled with joy & sadness both. Time doesn’t stand still in parenting and I’m facing these hurdles with my best smile on. I’m proud of my girl and I know God has plans for her. Big ones!

I love you Miss Gates!! Happy Birthday!

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