A Whoa Day

I woke up this morning and realized I only have 1 week until Thanksgiving! Yikes! That's nothing to bawk at for people like me…who have not done the big turkey food shopping.

I need grocery store time, people. Don't you wish they'd just open the store for you and only you? If you're like me, we could get some serious shopping done. Right?

Must make groceries my next priority!

On my way to school each day this week…I've noticed the gas prices going back up. I thought it was cool to see $2.97 but I literally screamed when it said $3.49 this morning!! Whoa, rise on up crazy gas prices!

Seriously, who can keep up with this economy?

It's becoming a more shocking world every day. No matter the circumstance it seems the extreme is the norm. But not to Jesus. He's always steady. He's always alert and never surprised. Aren't you thankful?

I am so glad my Lord is in control. Groceries & gas are good reminders that He is the ultimate in caring for His children. Only He can turn water into wine and little incomes into stretched positive budgets!

Whoa. God is good!

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