8 Sassy Girl Gifts for Christmas

I love shopping.  It's not a secret, right?  My girls do too.  Instead of hitting the streets this weekend, I opted to stay parked at home (which is great too) instead of fighting the crowds shopping.  I managed to do a little online shopping which is always good….because, hello…free shipping & great prices = Woohoo, SCORE!  Right?  Oh yea!

I haven't really "bought" Christmas gifts yet.  Just a few things here & there.  My kids are big, the items they're interested in…cost big.  So, my gift-giving as usual will have to be very creative.  I thought it'd be fun to share some present ideas that would make even the biggest diva girl happy.  Ready?

New Bedford Plaid Coat

Isn't that sweet?  I know my girls would love it.  There's only one problem.  THEY ARE OUT OF STOCK!  Geez!  Why leave it on the site, people?

Annie Forray Coach Antique Boots

Aren't these darlin?  I know a girl that's going to looooove these babies!  No worry, they still might have your size!  Yes, they're on sale!

I have no picture to show you how cute Old Navy's Christmas pj's are but THIS link will take you right to them.  Every girl loves comfy lounge pants especially at this time of year.  Go, quick.  They're on sale for $8!!

Eyelet Peter Pan Collar

Isn't that the sweetest collar?  I love lace!  This is a stylish way to jazz up a cute top or dress and draw the attention up…you know, to the face!  wink


Nomad Rainboots (Harley Brown)

I know, I know.  More boots.  But I'll tell ya, girls love em!  So do I.  I may have to borrow these if anyone in my house happens to get them.

Geometric Block Clutch

I love this!  It's so cute and it's from Dayspring!!


Putting Fairy Tales to Shame

Who doesn't want to encourage young women to make good choices?  This sweet author is a wonderful leader for young girls.  I can't think of anything more important than to equip my own girls to love themselves.

Faux Fur Vest

If you haven't heard, faux fur vests are all the rage this year.  They are a great accessory and hide a multitude of secrets.  They look flattering on just about everybody too!

Ok, so there!  I think this gives you an idea of what's popular and what chicks are looking for.  If you're like me, you could use a little direction when it comes to shopping for girls!  Maybe now you can pull a few deals from your resources and bless some cute gal with Christmas lovin!

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