Puttin Out Some Pretty

20121211-071008.jpg It's coming together slowly over here at my house.  Little by little, Christmas decorations are popping up.  I suppose I'm going by the practice of "here & there" decorating!

Late last night, I jumped up and grabbed some more items from different hiding spots and set my table.  If this is how it's going to be….I'm just going to go with it.  Maybe I should stop reading all those crafty blogs, eh?  Inspiration looms around every corner!

I still haven't created my tree skirt!  I planned on making the layered ruffle one from Pinterest…..yea, that would require a shopping trip to the fabric store and the plugging in of the hotglue gun.  Guess I'll need to get on that later on tonight, right?  Hehe!  Enjoy your Tuesday, friends.  It's finally cooooooold here in Indiana!

So, what's pretty over at your house?


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