Open Up

I'm a lucky mom!  When I came in from work Tuesday, Gavin was wrapping a large gift.  He told me that I HAD TO OPEN IT NOW!!!  No matter that it's not Christmas morning or that he was still putting the tape on the box….I had to have it now!

I think he gets this from his dad.  Some surprises are just too hard to sit on!  So, after dinner I opened up my Christmas gift.  Is this kid not the sweetest?  Look at him spoiling his mama with a Keurig coffee machine and a box of yummy coffees!

Thank you, son!  What a great present.  Everyone will be able to enjoy this dude.  Great thinking and yeehaw to your cool discount at Staples!  I appreciate your hard work there and your generous spirit at Christmas.


I can't wait to enjoy it every morning!  I love it!!  And YOU!!

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