Sugar Scrub Snow Day

I'm so in love with this DIY craft! I borrowed the project from THE IDEA ROOM blog! I want to shout out to her because, DUH…she deserves the credit. This isn't her only awesome creation either. Keep her in your favorites because she's so creative you won't want to miss her great ideas!

My finished product looks a little different from hers but that's the beauty of DIY, right? This is mine & those are hers! I whipped up a batch for my gal pals at work and wouldn't you know…..SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED this morning! On the last day of finals and my baby's last day of high school.


Aren't they pretty? They smell like peppermint heaven too!  After a long night of shopping in the big blizzard of 2012 last night, I came home and put these together.  I must say, I was bummed when hubby told me school was closed.

Who wants to make up the last day of the semester?  Not me and I bet none of the mid-term grads!

Oh who am I kidding?  I'm loving this snow day!  It's cooooold and the ground is covered in a pretty white snow blanket.  And guess who was able to wrap up some presents for under the tree?



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