Tis the Week of Finals

This is a busy week for me.  Finals are a big deal and in my job, one of the services I provide is "reading" tests.  In the past, I've had to run hither & fro to round up several different kids from totally different classes and read all of them their finals at the same time.  Not easy!  Matter of fact….it's stress on a cracker!

This go around, I'm sticking with my own students from the English classes that I work in normally and I'm taking the one's who need to hear it read to another location.  This worked out much better today.  It was much more time effective and less stressful by not having to read 3-4 different finals at once.

Can you imagine?  Reading a US History final, Health final & a Cooking class final all at the same time?  Yes, I've done that very thing many times.  So, needless to say…I'm feeling uber happy.  Still busy….but happy!

All I can complain about is that my baby is getting closer to being totally finished with high school.  She's even starting to look like a grown up!  Geez, kid!  Stop that!

Five more finals to go, Gator!  I'm praying you through.  Study hard and exit with style, girl!  Oh & congrats on your Senior Superlative nominations!!

Most Likely To Be Famous  (Duh)

Best Dressed (Well, of course)

That's my girl…

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