Les Miserables

On Christmas day after all the presents were opened and the delicious turkey & dressing was eaten…my family jumped in the car and headed to the movies.  Our excitement for Les Miserables opening day did not disappoint!  The movie is amazing!  Now, if you haven't heard — IT IS A MUSICAL!  Just about every word, is sung…sang err sungded!  Whatever…


What did I love about it?  Hmm, everything!

The Story

Written by Victor Hugo and published in 1862, the story revolves around doing the right thing even if it costs you.  Jean Valjean is a prisoner.  His crime?  Stealing a loaf of bread for his sister's starving child.  He spends 19 years serving a sentence of punishment & pain for his crime.  Upon his release, he runs into rejection after rejection (further punishment for ever being arrested in the first place) until he runs into Bishop Myriel.  The Bishop offers Valjean a place to sleep and a hot meal to eat in the "house of Jesus Christ".  An offer that closely resembles the night of our Lord's birth.

Valjean ultimately steals the silverware from the church and is brought back to the Bishop for shame & prosecution.  The Bishop hands him the silver candlesticks and says, "You forgot these".  This act of grace forever touches and changes the heart of Jean Valjean.  From here on the story takes an adventurous journey through Valjean helping others and finding deep love in raising an orphaned girl, Cosette.  His battle between who he was and who is now continue as the law (Javert- the prison guard) chases him all over Paris.

The Message

While Valjean has served his sentence, his sins continue to haunt him.  As it does for many of us, everyday.  The mistakes we make along life's journey threaten to invade our peace and rob us of our joy (satan at work).  Each of us face dilemma's that if not given to God and thrown as far as the east is to the west, cripple us and keep us locked in a prison of our own demise.  The ever popular judging on outward appearances or past sins remind us that only God can see our hearts and that it is HE who provides true redemption.

I can't tell you everything (no spoilers, right) because you really need to see it for yourself.  The theological parallels will surprise you and the story will touch your heart.  Run, don't walk to see Les Miserables now!  It is the best movie I've watched this year!

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