Out With The Really Old

This whole new year stuff is getting more awesome by the day!  Being snowed in is the number one contributor to all that is happening cool in my house.  I mean, what else can you do…but clean stuff out & up?

Hello, organization! You are my friend!


We are packrats!  I hate us!


We have too much food & junk!



What is this guy….an ANGEL?  Yes, yes he is!  He's cleaning out my horrible pantry.  The one that each family member walks up to and says, "I can't find anything!".  It was packed full and piled high with junk that no one wants or ever will use.  It might have resembled a scene from a Hoarders episode.  Food, mixers, dog treats, storage containers, lunchboxes and old brooms/mops had taken over residence and the clean out proved that I CAN LOVE MY PANTRY AGAIN!!

Thank you, precious hubby!  There really isn't another man on this earth that can love me like you!  LOVE LANGUAGE:  ACTS OF SERVICE

I didn't even mention the scrubbing of my bathtub (and the horrible hair cleaning out that takes place with that job) or the help making THESE—>

White trash tutorial coming soon.  Promise!



HE IS ALL MINE!!!  Now, I gotta go.  He's cleaning out a storage room and it's only fair that I go boss him around while he works!!       


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