WordPress is Wonky

Over Christmas break, I worked on some blogposts that I don't normally have time to deal with and it was great.  The problem?  Now they won't post!  I can't even find my publish button!

Curses to you, WordPress!

I'm definitely not a blogging expert and I certainly can't do anything fancy with my blog but NOT PUBLISH A POST?  Come on!  I'm typing this post with the hopes that when I hit the publish button it actually pops up on my feed.

I posted a cute story about how much we love our dogs…only it placed it back on January 1st.  Huh?  What?  How in the world?  I think I might be going crazy!  See what happens when I try to help myself out?  I ruin everything!

I hope this snafu doesn't keep me from blogging but if it doesn't straighten up….I'll be MIA!  I can't work & rush around all day then try to blog on a broken WordPress blog.  I'm just not wound that awesome.  So, if I'm not posting…you know what happened people.

Before I go.  Today was Gates last day of school.  I took it like a champ!  The reality….will set in soon and I'll let you know how lonely I am for — running late mornings, clothing disasters & lunch dates in my classroom.  I'm officially an old mom.

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