Road Trip With Chicks

I'm blogging from the road.  My hubby & I are on an adventure with our girls.  We're heading to Chicago for a few days.  The girls have tickets to see Ellie Goulding.  She's a famous British female performer and this is her closest concert in America.  It's part of their Christmas.  According to them (back before Santa came), this concert/trip….was/is ALL THEY WANTED!!

Who can say no?  They know every song the girl sings and love her classy British style.

I think it's safe to say that I've traveled through the world's thickest fog.  On our way north, tonight….the fog was solid in front of our car.  It's a good thing we had a stopping point.  We're staying the night in Remington at the Hageman's.  We made it here just in time.  My eyes were bugging out of my head trying to see what I couldn't see through the dense fog.

Thank you, Hageman's!  We love your apartment/barn!  Not only is it beautiful…'s also a fun place to park it for the night with some fun kids along!


Did I mention Brandon?  He lives in Chicago and snagged a ride back with us.  Poor guy.  He's been sneezing his head off and feeling miserable all day AND still managed to put up with all the Galloway girl bossing around.  Trust me….they're bossy!  (like their dad!)

It's time to put on pj's and relax.  Once we get up tomorrow and hit the road it will be non-stop go and after the Monday that I've had, I need some recup time.  I think the Florida jet-lag has finally hit me.  I couldn't get the lead out all day.  I even sat in chewing gum and had a kid argue with me in the lunch line after he cut in line.

Good times.

Or maybe I should say…..goodbye troubles, hello fun road trip!  Look out Chicago, here we come!


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