Dangerous Follower

Do you fear for your life because of your faith?  If you live in America, the answer is most likely…no.  It's a freedom that many in this country take for granted everyday.  I'm reminded when I openly walk into church on Sunday and talk about the sermon or worship with friends & family over a meal.  I see it even more clearly when I read about minister's being punished for following the same God that I do.

Pastor Abedini

The news of Pastor Saeed Abedini just flashed across the tv screen.  Sentenced, 8 years in one of the most brutal prison's in Iran.  His crime?  Threatening the national security of Iran by being a leader in Christian house churches.  His role in that ministry dating back to the early 2000's.  He's been in jail there since September 2012.  Waiting…

Pastor Abedini has a family, a wife (Naghmehz) and two small children who are currently here in America.  He was born in Iran but is an American citizen who serves in Boise, Idaho at Calvary Chapel.  He travels back & forth to Iran and has been working on building an orphanage.  On a visit there in August, government officials pulled him from a bus and arrested him all because he is a Christian.

How dangerous is it for you to love Christ? 

I can't imagine what this family is going through.  I think of my own husband preaching, freely and openly over the last 16+ years.  Never have we had to worry that he'd be carted away or placed in one of the most deadly prisons just for sharing Christ.  Loving Jesus will cost you.  For some of us, the cost might be old friends or family.  For others, it might be their very life.

Friends, we must pray.  Pray for Pastor Abedini and the many others who serve God yet live with the threat of dying for their faith.  While it never makes sense to us….God is ever aware of what it means to love Him in a world filled with sin.

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