See What I See

I feel like my journey has been a long one.  Before I even left the airport in Indy…..I had to plug in and charge up.


Once I arrived in Ft. Myers, my favorite cousin picked me up and took me to her house.  This is Delilah, she became my new best friend.


I've always been around guns.  Growing up my family hunted just about everything we ate and then I married a policeman who had guns.


I wasn't expecting to walk into a construction site at my mother's house.  But….I did.  A toilet replacement turned into a bathroom floor and more.  It's almost complete…


After the massive heart attack….I tried to sleep here in the ICU waiting room.  Worst night ever.  Don't do it.


But the morning came and God blessed me with this view.  It was surreal after all I had experienced.


I have no makeup on and I don't even mind you knowing it.  I felt joy.  Real joy that only comes from Christ.  And….a nice lady at the Estee Lauder counter had moisturized my skin and filled my heart.  Remember?


My constant view in ICU.


A better position to see my patient in….once she was released from ICU and put in a regular room.


Walking in the cool sand on my trip to see the sunset.  I was trying to refuel my heart tank and it worked.  I just wished my hubby was with me.


Dinner.  Alone.  At least it was good, right?


No joke, this gal was at least 93.  I stopped to eat a salad at Sweet Tomatoes and this is what I had to look at while slurping down my clam chowder.  Geez, mamaw!  Skippy the short shorts.


My morning trips consist of a long prairie to cross.  I often follow something with a trailer behind it.  Oranges are being picked here and today….this is who I followed for 50 miles.  Awesome!  They even passed a pickup truck pulling a trailer.  BOTH SEMIS!


My hubby sent me a message that it is 8 degrees at our house in Indiana.  I had to tease my family and send them this—>


Beautiful and 70 degrees here.


And last….my patient who wants to bust out of here.  She told the nurse if something didn't happen soon, she was walking out.

See….what I see.

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