Grace Is Here

It's amazing to me how the word I've chosen for myself this year is popping up at every opportunity in my life.

OneWord2013_GraceI'm going to just fall face down and admit……it's all God doing it!  I am so good at running.  I bob & weave whatever gets in my path that I wish to avoid.  I recognize my need for constant reminders and obviously, so does the Lord.


I need it and I certainly need to give it away!  This week has been the grace test of all grace tests.  Every little inconvenience pushed me to the edge and trust me, there have been many.  Repeatedly, I caught myself grumbling and feeling anything but  G R A C E .   Darn it flesh!

On my way to the hospital (it's over an hour drive each way) I caught a sermon on the radio.  The topic?  Grace!  Oh the irony, right?  Instead of clicking the station away, I stuck with it and listened as the Lord gently reminded me just how important it is to live with grace.  

The challenges of caring for someone teetering back & forth with multiple health issues can be daunting.  Mix that with an abusive past and a cantankerous personality and it's even worse than daunting!  Again, I cling to my own undeserved blanket of grace and beg God to wipe my complaining heart clean so I can get back to giving what is needed most.

None of us our worthy.

"I have decided to stick with love.  Hate is too great a burden to bear."  Martin Luther King Jr.

Gracious God

Your love for me is a constant reminder that BECAUSE OF YOU I am saved by grace.  You offer it freely and give me the same opportunity everyday.  Thank you.  Help me live a life of grace & love and show me (no matter how painful) when I fall short.



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