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I've been missing for good reason.  My mother had lung surgery one week ago today.  The plan was for me to wait to fly down south until she was released from the hospital.   When I arrived on Wednesday, she was still in the hospital and experiencing horrible pain.  On my way back into see her on Thursday morning, the doctor called to say she had a heart attack and was in surgery.

I was just down the street from the hospital at that point.  Which is a good thing when you get news like that.  I was able to be there in the cardiac emergency waiting room while she was undergoing lifesaving surgery.  The doctor took her time explaining to me just how dire the situation was and I felt relieved when she told me the part about her coding twice and how they brought her back to life both times.

Hello, reality!  I'm right here….listening!

The rest of the day was a total blur.  I was sent to this waiting room and then to that waiting room.  Then I was allowed to go into ICU with her and help her until she reached a point of medicated delerium.  I didn't feel comfortable driving all the way back to her house while she was teetering on the edge in every way….so I parked my homeless self in the ICU waiting room for the night.

I'll now be referring to that night as the night I almost checked myself into the hospital thanks to a deadly hormone headache that wouldn't let up.  I tried everything to find relief and at 2:15am I was still awake begging for some sort of mercy.  Finally, the Lord must have taken pity upon me and just zipped my eyeballs closed because the next thing I remember is waking up around 7:00am to slamming doors.  Ahh, home sweet waiting room!

And to the call of mother nature….whom has no mercy!  Even if you're living in a waiting room with your suitcase and almost dead cellphone battery.  But, my headache was gone.  Silver linings, y'all!  I consider it all joy…

I found a bathroom that I could take a sink bath in and brushed my teeth and hair.  I even changed clothes (the weather took a major change here — 40 degrees and windy).  So, I drove down to the beach, found a towel to sit on and GOT MY PRAISE ON!!  Because let me tell you…..if anyone had reason to praise God this morning, it was me!  Here's just a few reasons why I felt thankful->

1- He saved my mother from death.  Not once, but twice!

2- I was able to be there WHEN SHE NEEDED ME MOST!

3- My brother was able to be there, soon after.

4- Friends & family were TOTALLY LIFTING me up to God and His grace throughout the entire awful day.

5- I met a lady who ministered to me in the Estee Lauder dept. at Dillards.  She was sent directly by God.  She stopped me, sat me down, cleaned off my makeup and covered my face with love & moisturizer then she filled my soul with love and encouragement when I felt like a lost soul wandering around a strange town.  She hugged me when I left.

6- My kids kept sending me love & encouragement all day.

7- I was safe.

8- I was able to feel genuine peace.

God is working in so many ways….



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