When Believers Attack

louie giglioThis past week's firestorm controversy over Pastor Louie Giglio praying at President Obama's Inauguration has once again reminded me why NOT BEING IN MINISTRY isn't such a bad thing.  At first, the tweets and Facebook statuses were in support of Louie (of course, many still are) for a sermon he preached about 15+ years back on the issue of homosexuality.  Those calling him out for his "anti gay" sermon of course were spewing hate and calling for action immediately and still are.  The White House has tuck-tailed into "make the left happy" mode and assured the whiners complainers haters folks who call Pastor Giglio a bigot that they will find a suitable replacement, ie: someone who thinks like they do!  This is not the least bit shocking to me and if you've been around the liberal frenzied world as long as I have….it's probably no shock to you either.  However…

What really sets my heart on fire regarding this issue is the reaction of "some" fellow believers (Christians/Ministry Leaders/Seminary Dudes/People hiding behind words on Twitter & Blogs etc) who feel it's necessary to jump on the criticism bandwagon and tear a hole into Louie Giglio because these people had to SEARCH BACK 15+ YEARS to find a sermon of him preaching on the sin of homosexuality!  SERIOUSLY?  Come on, people!

This, this is what reminds me of how awful ministry life can be.  Just a week or so ago, Louie Giglio and his Passion 2013 team ministered to 60,000+ COLLEGE-AGED KIDS and together raised over 3.3 million dollars to fund ministry help for the 27 million victims trapped in human trafficking & slavery.  COLLEGE KIDS along with Louie Giglio and his ministry did that (in Jesus' name).  Let me remind you that raising the money and choosing to support that mission work was only the beginning.  This work is a revolution in saving lives and making a difference for Christ.  Hands and feet, work.

What does it say when fellow laborers in Christ lash out and blast leaders like Louie Giglio for NOT PREACHING on homosexuality often enough?  I'll tell ya!  It sends the message to the lost and dying world that even the BELIEVERS are twisted and mixed up and in need of forgiveness!  And, if given the opportunity….they will kick their own when they're down!

How sad!

I have sat under the teaching of Louie Giglio.  He is a man of God and he preaches the truth, NO MATTER THE TOPIC!  I am confident in his love for Christ and his desire to follow & obey God's word to the nth degree.  I don't give credence to one shameful word of criticism thrown in his direction by those who claim to love & follow God just as I don't those who are openly trapped in a homosexual lifestyle and are calling for him to be banned from the White House.  Both remind me….my work here is not finished!

Want to know who Louie Giglio is?

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I pray for Pastor Giglio and his ministry to millions in Your Holy Name!  Thank you for his endless love for Your children and the platform with which he is able to make a difference in this world.  I stand in awe when I see just how powerful and far Your love can go from one man.  Help me to love like that.


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