10 Awesome Things About Friday

1 — The week is finally coming to a close!  Time to party!

2 — People have better attitudes.  Being friendly all the day long!

3 — Paychecks roll into bank accounts on Friday's.  $$ cheeky

4 — Date nights.  Who cooks on Friday night?

5 — Energy booster.  Somehow, even being tired…you get pumped!

6 — Fun with family begins.

7 — Jeans days.  Not every Friday….but occasionally!  Yahoo!

8 — 2-hour delays.  If you live in snowy Indiana….it can happen!

9 — Anticipation of time with family all weekend long.  And pets!

10 — Well earned break!  God loves his children and planned rest time!

I'm dog tired and cannot wait to hang out at home with my people and watch football!  It's been a long few weeks and I'm all about regrouping with my darlin's!  I don't even mind that my TEAM isn't playing in the Super Bowl.  I plan to yell and get crazy anyway!

Happy weekend, y'all!

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