Grocery Store Obsession

I've heard the talk…

I chalked it up to –> you've shopped at one grocery store you've shopped at them all.  I mean, seriously….how awesome can WHOLE FOODS be?

While I was in Chicago, the Hotel Felix was right down the street from one so hubby & I made a dash in to check it out for ourselves.  Oh my darlin'!  I am officially making all my future moving decisions based on where in the world is a Whole Foods Market!

I want to shop there, all the ding-dang-dong time!  The variety of fruits & veggies nearly blew my mind.  Fresh, fresh and more fresh. Everywhere I looked, something else begging me to purchase it and take it back to the hotel.

If I had only brought a gigantic cooler.

The store is packed with amazing choices….meats, specialty foods that you just don't find at SuperWalmart!  I know the rule is never grocery shop hungry…but we were just looking, remember?  The hot foods buffet was out of this world.  Who cooks all that great stuff?

I can't stop thinking about this grocery store.  I think it's clear….I have a grocery store obsession!  The only problem?  The closest store to me is in Louisville or Indy.  Dang it!

Mark my word.  I will live close to one of these grocery stores, one of these days!

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