Stay Away From My Pit

Somedays, I feel sorry for myself.  Chalk it up to not feeling well physically and then throw in a little situation that seems unfair and it's a perfect combo for me to whine like a baby.  Usually, I don't even realize how far down in the pit I've fallen until I've let the whole world around me know…just how pathetic I feel!


I wish I knew ahead of time so that I could ward off any outbursts or sassy comments that might spin off my lips.  But, oh…no way Jose'!  I'm all about the living outloud in the flesh thing!  Oh my wicked flesh!

Is it just me….or does God have to remind you to be humble too?

I went to bed with a sick headache and sore throat then woke up feeling even worse (on a fun day at school).  I let that icky-ness infect my attitude and now I'm regretting it.  Who wants to be miserable on a jeans day (that I didn't know about!)?

It's no fun!

I'm taking this for what it's worth.  A lesson.  I recognize my need to make the best of every situation, every day.  I can't let silly things invade my heart and rule my actions/attitude.  Plus, feeling sorry for myself is so unattractive, right?

In case you've ever wondered…..  I am human!  Please remember that when I goof up and fall short.   Like today.  I'm a work in progress.


I'm a poster-child for ONE WHO NEEDS MERCY!  No one can top my ability to fall into the pity pit.  Help me when I'm down & out and feeling sorry for myself!  Thank you for reminding me that you love me, accept me, believe in me and you find me precious!  I love you and your mercy.




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