I’ll See You There

Life is full of twists & turns!  Painful moments are a part of our life journey.  Since Christmas break, I've been consumed with Stephanie (a precious childhood friend) diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  One minute she was going about her day teaching 3rd grade and taking care of her family and the next she was in the hospital hearing news that no family wants to hear.

Cancer.  Brain tumors.  Spread here & there. Then, another cancer. Liver.  Body in for a fight.  A battle that only God could win.

Stephanie's family rallied!  They surrounded her and went to work.  Every moment captured forever in each of their hearts.  What a testimony!  I can only imagine the love shared between them during the last 7 weeks.  A love that can't be described.  While her body failed her the people around her continued to love & care for her every need.  She must be so proud of them!

On Friday night (2/15/13) at 8:30pm with her family all around her….Stephanie stepped into eternity and met Christ face-to-face leaving this world behind.  While my flesh aches for the loss of such a special friend so soon my heart trusts that God knows better than me.  Stephanie's life & faith are evidence that she is safely walking streets of gold and connecting with all those who've gone on before her.  I can see her smiling and making everyone around her feel at home there in heaven even though she's the new kid.

That's the Stephanie that I remember.

I'm so thankful for the friendship that God shared with me through her.  I'd never had a "best friend" until I met Stephanie.  She was the first friend I can remember spending hours on end with.  It was Stephanie who taught me how to be a best friend.  I can still remember sitting on her bed in her room painting on the glittery white eye-shadow.  I felt like I looked as pretty as her just by wearing it.  I loved everything about her.

Img 3

I will never forget you, friend.  My life had a great kick-start because of fun friends like you.  You were special.  God made you to be unique and I just happened to be in the path of your beauty & grace.  I am so thankful for that.  I'll miss you, not just for myself….but for those you left behind who will think of you every moment of their day.  You were the wife & mom of a beautiful family and a friend to so many….

I love you & I'll see you soon.

Stephanie Lee (Story)


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