Raising Mrs. Right X 2



Who better to teach my girls how to be the perfect wife than me….their not-so-perfect mama? Now that they are G R O W N it would seem time for teaching is long gone. But every single day that I spend with them is another chance to leave a Godly wife impression on them. I won't give up!

How am I doing it? Easy. I'm being real. Flaws and all. Which means, I also have to be real in asking for forgiveness and admitting when I am wrong. I'm not the only mother who goofs up and I'm certainly not a wife that has it all figured out. After being married nearly 24 years "stuff" still happens between my hubby and me that isn't completely healthy.

I want my girls to know (and I think they do) that people are sometimes selfish or foolish. That doesn't mean they aren't worth loving or caring for. It just means that they may be going through a bad time or have a weakness that needs improvement. Each of us…..need improvement at some time or another. So forgiveness must be a huge part of what I pass along to my girls.

For what it's worth, marriage is not disposable. People are not throw-out-a-able. Love is worth fighting for and sometimes that's just what we have to do….fight it out! Of course, we should only do that in hopes of having a victorious kind of love. Fighting just to win will never strengthen a relationship! Trust me, I've argued to be right and it doesn't bring any joy to win. Hurt gets passed around and scars take time to heal because of it.

What I'm doing to TRY TO raise Mrs. Right's —

1) Love my hubby outloud for other's to see.

2) Forgive him when he flubs up and ask for forgiveness when I need it.

3) Make him a top priority over my other responsibilities. Kids included.

4) Support him and the decisions he makes. I trust his judgement (most of the time & when I don't, I trust GOD).

5) Take good care of myself. He deserves all the beauty I can spare inside & out.

6) Be a loving wife & mother (physically & emotionally). Even when I don't feel like it.

7) Help him when he needs me to.

8) Pray for him EVERYDAY.

9) Hang out with him. Even if it's just a ride to the store. I go.

10) Serve him. Whether it be a great meal or a weekend alone together.

I want my girls to have fantastic marriages. I don't want them to fall for the lies that relationships are all about them and their happiness. I pray for both of them as they journey into adulthood and find the men (God has for them) of their dreams. I know how amazing a good marriage can be. I happen to think I have one.

It starts with being the best Mrs. Right a girl can be.


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