When Life Blows Your Mind

I've been reluctant to share here a deeply painful issue going on in my family.  I suppose every family has difficulties.  Surely, I'm not the only one to hurt for a loved one.  Right now, I feel as though my heart is breaking in half.  I don't want to go into details because the story is so long and complicated.  Also, it's not my story to tell.  It's unfair for me to blab about an issue that doesn't completely belong to me.  My job is to love & support the one in need.

My brother.

For the last few years my family has been in turmoil on his behalf.  Yesterday the problem came back with a vengeance!  I can't even imagine the hurt my mother is feeling.  I'm just a sister, not his mother.  I keep thinking of my own kids and how much I love them and want God's very best for them and their lives.  It's times like these that crush me and smother me with the reality of an imperfect world.

I physically & emotionally feel drained.

Will you please pray?  The details aren't important.  God knows each one anyway.  Just lift my brother to our MERCIFUL GOD!  He needs a miracle!

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Matt:11:28


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