Ahh, Beignets… I'm such a sucker for the puffy little darlin's!  I often think of New Orleans with it's sticky sweaty streets & it's happily packed to overflowing Cafe Du Monde and my heart goes pitter-patter.  The French Quarter is a place that every American should walk through at least once in their life.

So, imagine my happy dance when I found Joy the Baker posted a recipe for beignets.  I nearly squealed!  I made sure that very day that I had all the ingredients to get down to business on Saturday and BLOW MY FAMILY'S MINDS!!!

I really had no idea if I had it in me or not.  Yeast sort of freaks me out.  The many plans I had for my KitchenAid mixer have gone kapoot simply because of my fear of cooking with yeast.  Yes, I'm a wimp!  It's funny though, every single recipe I've tried involving yeast has turned out great so far!

Note to me:  Get over it!


I admit, when I made it to this point…..I clicked on the Keurig and started yelling for hubby to GET READY!


People are going to love me.  (Thank you Joy the Baker)


Ohhh baby, they turned out amazing and they were so easy to make too.  I worried it would be an all-day affair….but, nope.  It was fairly quick.  All worth it!  I promise.


Kudos to you Joy the Baker.  You might be my new BFF!

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