I'm staying focused on the future!  In seven more school days, I'll be enjoying some much needed free time with my dogs & family AT HOME!!  Spring break for my family is always the same.  We stay home!  Going away is so over-rated, right?

I don't mind.  I mean, a trip to the beach would be amazing or a week spent somewhere else besides Indiana might be fun.  But I'm cool with staying home and relaxing too.  If you want to call painting a bedroom and cleaning out all its messy contents relaxing….then okay, relaxing!  

Either way, I'm not complaining!  I love home time and spring break is a great way to recharge and get my act together to finish out the school year!  Speaking of….my baby will graduate in a little over 3 months!


Oh me!  I better focus on this weekend before I get all kooky over graduation.  MY MIDDLE BABY TURNS 20!!!

Come on, you guys!   Stop it!

Gates and Ally 2011

Happy hump day, friends!


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