Sparkly Green Earrings

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I'm a huge fan of Melanie over at Big Mama's Blog.  This past weekend I finished reading her book, Sparkly Green Earrings.  Friends, it is amazing!  Like, The Help…amazing!  I loved it that much is what I'm trying to say here.  She is a fantastic writer, which I knew by the fact that I DO NOT MISS A DAY of reading her blog.  Her book?  Let's just say it doesn't disappoint!  I'd go so far as to admit it's my favorite book so far this year.

Melanie writes about her life as a mom.  The stories are tender and mixed with her witty humor (which is crackpot crazy).  She'll have you laughing outloud and tearing up all in the same chapter.  I related with her on so many levels even though my punks are way older than her Caroline.  Being a mama is the greatest gift God has ever given me and Melanie makes it clear….she feels the same way.

Sparkly Green Earrings is just the beginning for this lady.  Right now as I type this post, Melanie is somewhere tied up ball & chain style to her laptop tip-tapping away on her next book (at least that's how I imagine her facing that April 1st deadline).  This time she's writing about marriage!  Woohoo!  I can't wait for this Texas girl to spill the beans on all that is awesome & wonderful about being married.  It will surely be a blessing!

Just like Sparkly Green Earrings!

If you haven't read it and are interested, Amazon has it on sale right now at $5 for your Kindle!  Talk about a bargain!  I promise, this book will touch your heart and make you sad when you realize you're at the end.

In the meantime, go read Melanie's blog!  Big Mama

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