20 Years Ago

I’ve had to remind myself all weekend that turning 20 is just a thing. Everyone has to do it in order to grow up beyond childhood, right?


Twenty years ago I couldn’t imagine who this pudgy perfect baby girl would grow up to be. Today I’m grateful that God just let me experience each day like the mama He wanted me to be.

A real one with messed up hair and several pajama outfits to wear while lounging with my crazy kids.

My hubby asked if this pile of bags that he cleaned out of Ally’s room was her monument to capitalism. She answered with a bit of worry not for the capitalism comment but for the fear he was tossing out her bags that SHE MIGHT NEED someday! Eek!

Ice cream cake seems to be the permanent choice of birthday party dessert. Even at 20!


Happy birthday Ally! I love you!

Babies grow up…so quickly!

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