Wide Shoulders Man

Tonight, I overheard my hubby on the phone with our son.  He was speaking truth into him and whether the young buck was listening I can't say.  What I can tell you is that hearing my man give sound advice to this wreckless young dude that I love beyond words was a lesson in respect.

I fool myself into thinking I have tough decisions to make.  Really, I don't.  I'm pretty much responsible for loving people (which is one of my favorites by the way) and running a household of sorts.  It's not really up to me to make BIG THINGS happen for my family.  Don't get me wrong.  I do plenty of fretting.  I haggle over this & that but honestly, I don't have to face any of it alone or make any final decisions that could make or break us.

However, my hubby does.

His shoulders are wide and from one side to the other they're filled with responsibility.  He makes it look light though.  His kicked-back personality and willingness to bend when needed must be his secret weapons.  While I know he struggles to be strong at times….he never gives up.  Especially when it comes to our family.

In the history of our marriage we've made a ton of financial errors. Some of those were out of necessity and others just foolish decisions.  Now it's time to watch as our kids navigate the world of money & the choices that come with it.  How much input we as parents offer is the million dollar question.  It's not fair for us to railroad over them on decisions that they must make for themselves.  But….when we can clearly see a GIANT NO-NO ahead, I praise the Lord for a hubby that lovingly speaks up.

After the phone call I asked hubby how it went.  He told me that he explained some of the reasons why it was the wrong decision to buy the item I refuse to name on my blog because I can't say the word!  One reason, using a friend to co-sign a loan is not truly being a friend.  If you want something bad enough, save & buy it.  Don't drag a friend into a deal that isn't a responsible choice in the first place.  Second, making payments on a "toy" that could possibly be damaged or destroyed for the next however many years is just bad planning.  Totally depressing too!  Lastly, he told me (as he told him) that he doesn't want to be 47 and unable to take his wife on a cruise or vacation for spring break because he chose to blow his money while he was young!  On foolish things!

Wow!  Way to be honest with your son!

Are you willing to speak truth to your kids?  They're going to make some wild decisions.  Is it worth it to you to fess up to your own mistakes and allow them a glimpse into your good intentions gone wrong?  It's not easy to admit some dumb choices.  As long as you're a parent, God still expects you to offer direction.  Not boss, direct.  Got it?

I'm still learning that one…

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