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I'm 1 day away from freedom!  I've made it!  In the life of any educator Spring Break comes with a welcome relief.  I literally feel like I've conquered some sort of amazing goal.  School life is fun but everyone deserves a break now & then.  Right?

I found this post this morning over at We Are That Family.  It's profound!  If you are the mother of a daughter or two like me….these words will pierce your heart.  Girls are bombarded with garbage, every single day!  It's up to us to train them in the best way to navigate the world and honor God with their lives.  Their very precious lives!

Go read what Kristen says.  The girl speaks truth!

You're welcome!

Raising Daughters in a World That Devalues Them


Thank you for my own beautiful girls.  Thank you for preserving them and their lives thus far.  Help me to continue to pour into them your love and your ways.  Give them a future that's bright and full of pure love.



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