Dog Days of Stitches

This week has been a long one! After last Saturday’s emergency vet trip, I knew it would be.

The doctor told us he didn’t think the stitches would hold and he was right. But that didn’t stop us from trying our best to keep her all together like all dogs should be.

So…we did this! It worked well until I noticed a very swollen leg and had to take it off.

Taking off the bandage led to this! A licking nightmare! Which then led to this—>

Most of the stitches GONE! The only ones left are the ones on the very ends of the wound!! Yowzers!

We had to get radical! The next few attempts to put her back together were rough on all of us.

How do you keep a sweet young ACTIVE pup together when they can’t understand what in the world is happening to them?

Sadly, you put them in THE CONE of SHAME! It looks awful! And no way do they like it. She tried some pretty fancy moves to get this sucker off.

Didn’t work!



But hey, this girl is much better today. She’s eaten some scrambled eggs & had her coffee.

Maybe….just maybe this leg will heal and our lives can go back to normal craziness!

Fingers crossed!!

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