Spring Yard Work

This past weekend was glorious! It was perfect weather for working outside and cleaning up what winter destroyed. Our pond took a beating this year.  The ice that formed on top sliced through the liner and caused a major leak.  Not good.  It drained out and left an ugly mess.

Not nice to look at, huh?  Imagine being one of the fishy occupants.  Not the best place to call home.

During the big drain out… our last two surviving fish nearly lost their slimy lives. Hubby scooped them out but never saw them until it was almost too late. Now they're swimming safely in a small tank while they wait patiently for their big pond to open back up again.

These little darlin's decided to help dad.  At least that's what I thought.  They really just wanted to hang out with me while I watched him do the work.  He built a great little stone flowerbed around some lilies that have lived at this house much longer than me.  I like it.  He does good work!

See how these gals help!

I helped too.  I planted the tulip bulbs (yes, I know….I'm too late) that I bought and totally forgot about.  I won't be surprised when nothing pops up.  I have a way with plants….no matter how you slice it!  I'm a killer!

Pink tulips are my fave too!  Darn it!

I took this last picture to show you how dull and lifeless it looks around my yard.  It's the first weekend of April but don't you be fooled….in just a few short weeks, these same trees will be so full of lush green leaves there will be no seeing any neighbor's houses.

I love spring!  Don't you?  Even if it means a little work.  Remind me how much I love Indiana when we have another crazy cold snap that drags in more snow.

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